Super Mario Bros is the best selling video game of all time. I have played this game when I was a child, and I have collected some techniques and secrets in those days.

Thanks for the internet, I can get more and more information about the game recently. I decided to share all the things I've get about Super Mario Bros. I hope that all people can enjoy the game, including the old-time gamers like me, or the new gamers who have not contacted this classic game before.

I try to do it in a way of video, hoping that everything can be easier to understand.

About the video

In the walkthrough of each world, there will be a video, I try to show all the items you can find in that specify world. There is an item/secret list below the video, all the things you need to know about the level should be there.

In the video, i will try to play the game in a slow or safe manner, so everyone can follow and easy to understand.

I will *not* go down the pipe to the bonus room or try to wrap to another world, or play with any funny thing in the first video. However, i will explain it in details, if necessary, i will make another video to make it clear.


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